• Carrie Hancock just donated $56.38
  • Mario Lipari just donated $20.88
  • Ann just donated $56.38
  • Natasha & Brett Marshall just donated $56.38
  • Ross Ioakim just donated $56.38
  • Joey and Josephine Ienco just donated $56.38
  • Tony and Nancy Ienco just donated $132.59
  • Adam and Veena Daniele just donated $56.38
  • Bruno and Litsa Ienco just donated $56.38
  • Peter and Trista and kids just donated $318.00
  • Joey Ienco just donated $56.38
  • Nancy Rullo just donated $50.00
  • Tony & Rosslyn Taddeo and family just donated $50.00
  • Lina, Sam and Laura Petruzzella just donated $208.80
  • Joe Sara Arena and family just donated $208.80
  • Luke Lipari & Carla Seal just donated $52.20
  • Matthew Lipari and family just donated $56.38
  • Nick and Franca Colangelo just donated $104.40
  • Peter & Maureen, Peter & Angela, Marie & Frankie and Stephanie LIPARI just donated $100.00
  • Julia and Alan Romeo just donated $56.38

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Hutt St Centre has been supporting people experiencing homelessness for over 65 years, and without the help of people like you, could not provide the life changing, essential wellbeing and professional services to help rebuild lives. 

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