How do I register my fundraiser?

Create a fundraising page for free now by clicking here.

How does my fundraising money help people experiencing homelessness?

Funds raised will go directly towards Hutt St Centre to provide essential services for people experiencing homelessness. For more information about Hutt St Centre, jump on our website here.

Can I use Hutt St Centre’s logo on promotional material for my event or fundraising activity?

Before using the Hutt St Centre logo on any of your promotional material, including both online and print, you will need approval from Hutt St Centre. Approval is given on a case by case basis. Please email events@huttstcentre.org.au regarding any requests for approval. When using the Hutt St Centre logo you must clearly state that you are raising funds on behalf of Hutt St Centre, rather than implying that your event is managed by the organisation. Examples of appropriate wording include: ‘Proudly supporting the work of Hutt St Centre’ and ‘Fundraising for Hutt St Centre’.

Are donations collected tax deductable?

Any donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. Online donations made through Funraisin will be automatically receipted. For cash donations we can provide you with a donor receipt form to record donor details and Hutt St Centre will issue receipts based on the information provided by the organiser. Please ensure this information is accurate. Please note that monies received in exchange of goods or services, e.g. event tickets or auction sales, do not constitute a donation and are therefore not tax deductible.

How do I collect a receipt for my donation?

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. When a donation has been processed a receipt will be automatically sent out by Funraisin to the email address that the donation was made under. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive straight away. Please contact Mikayla at events@huttstcentre.org.au if you need a receipt resent.

Do I need insurance, or am I covered by Hutt St Centre?

For large public events you may require Public Liability Insurance. This can be gained through a private insurer and the cost will depend on the size of your event. The event organiser must bear this cost. It is important that you gain any necessary permits for the type of event you are hosting. Some activities require permits e.g. raffles and auctions where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. For events held in public places, permits may be required, you’re best to check with your local council. If you have any queries please contact Hutt St Centre, or visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au and search under ‘Gaming’ for a full list regulations in South Australia.

Can Hutt St Centre promote my event or provide any promotional material for my event?

There are downloadable resources available to assist you in promoting your activity or event. With approval on a case by case basis we are also able to lend Hutt St Centre pull up banners.