Community Fundraising Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assists groups and individuals that are planning fundraising events to benefit Hutt St Centre.

These guidelines provide the basis for a fundraiser/event to be organised by an Event Coordinator to benefit Hutt St Centre. If accepted, by completing and returning a signed copy of the agreement and proposal, these terms and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between Hutt St Centre and the Event Coordinator in relation to the fundraiser/event.

Organising the fundraiser

The ‘Event Coordinator’ is defined as the individual or organisation holding the fundraiser/event on behalf of Hutt St Centre.
The fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the Event Coordinator’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Event Coordinator. Hutt St Centre is unable to take a coordination role in these activities and its staff and volunteers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods or services to assist the Event Coordinator in the running of the fundraiser/event.

The Event Coordinator may have a business and wish to donate a percentage of sales over a period of time to Hutt St Centre. It is essential that the percentage amount being donated is displayed on all printed materials relating to the promotion. The Event Coordinator will need to contact Hutt St Centre to make an arrangement that satisfies Hutt St Centre and the Office of Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to ensure any requirements of the Office of Liquor and Gambling Commissioner are met.


If the fundraising proposal has been successful, a notification will be sent via e-mail. If successful, Hutt St Centre will issue you with a registration number, which should be used in all correspondence with Hutt St Centre.

Any person or organisation fundraising in South Australia must, by law, have an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter. Hutt St Centre will send the Event Coordinator such an authorisation letter confirming Hutt St Centre’s involvement when:

  1. We have received a completed and signed proposal
  2. We are satisfied that the fundraiser/event will produce a return of 60% income after expense have been deducted.
  3. We are satisfied that the Event Coordinator will supply Hutt St Centre with a complete record of income and expenditure, with supporting receipts and invoices after the fundraiser/event’s conclusion.
  4. We are satisfied that the fundraising activity fits in with the aims and values of Hutt St Centre.
  5. We are satisfied that the fundraising activity is not a high risk activity.
    -The Event Coordinator is not authorised to use Hutt St Centre as its beneficiary charity until they have received the ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter. Permission to fundraise is used for a finite period (and no longer than 12 months). For legal and auditing requirements, the 'Authority to Fundraise' letter must be returned to Hutt St Centre, along with the record of income and expenditure as well as accompanying receipts within 28 days of finishing the fundraising activity. 
    -The Event Coordinator's arrangement for the fundraiser/event should be planned with the approval of Hutt St Centre. Hutt St Centre expects a reasonable level of regular liaison and information about the fundraiser/event. Execution of the event is the sole responsibility of the Event Coordinator. 

Upholding Hutt St Centre’s standards


The responsibility sits solely with the Event Coordinator to seek independent advice to ensure the fundraising events are appropriately and independently covered. Hutt St Centre does not provide liability coverage for:

  • Participants represented by an incorporated body
  • Participants represented by a business or commercial entity
  • Events that charge an entry fee
  • Sporting events

Please contact Hutt St Centre’s Fundraising team to discuss your event in further detail if you require public liability insurance.

Promoting the event

  • If the Event Coordinator wishes to utilise Hutt St Centre’ name and/or logo on any materials or products, the Event Coordinator must obtain prior permission from Hutt St Centre. Each piece of printed material, including media releases, must be approved by Hutt St Centre. Printed material must be forwarded to Hutt St Centre for approval prior to being printed or circulated.
    Permission for logo usage will attract conditions, negotiated between Hutt St Centre and the Event Coordinator, especially if the use of logo is for marketing activities of an organisation, and a minimum donation amount may need to be guaranteed.

If approved, the Event Coordinator must adhere to the guidelines on how to use the logo as stated by Hutt St Centre.

  • The Event Coordinator must specify that the fundraising event is ‘proudly supporting/benefiting Hutt St Centre’ and must not imply a partnership.
  • If the Event Coordinator wishes to refer to or promote Hutt St Centre, it must refer to Hutt St Centre as ‘Hutt St Centre’.
  • The level and percentage of support for Hutt St Centre must be explicitly stated on all materials and correspondence relating to the fundraiser/event.
  • Due to limited resources, Hutt St Centre cannot undertake media relations for the Event Coordinator.

Fundraising and the Law

The basic obligations of the Charitable Purposes Act are to:

  • Provide Hutt St Centre with an accurate record of the income and expenses associated with your fundraising following the fundraiser/event.
  • Keep accurate financial records, including the retention of receipts and invoices relating to expenditure.
  • Funds raised, the ‘authority to fundraise’ letter and details of your actual income and expenditure must be returned to Hutt St Centre within 28 days of the fundraising activity/event.
  • The fundraising activity/event must meet requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Please contact Hutt St Centre if you need direction or guidance in this area.
  • The financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the fundraiser/event are the responsibility of the Event Coordinator, and the Event Coordinator must comply with the Charitable Purposes Act. Non-compliance with these regulations may jeopardise Hutt St Centre’s right to fundraise, so we thank you for your help in this matter.
  • The information you provide Hutt St Centre will be available to the Office of Liquor & Gambling Commissioner on request.

Record keeping and banking

Basic tips for record keeping

A simple way to keep track of the financial details of your event is to keep a folder with a number of plastic sleeves. Use individual sleeves to keep receipts, bank deposit stubs, cheques donated and sponsorship forms. Make note on the back of receipts if it is unclear as to what the money paid for.

  • Hutt St Centre cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly documented (total expense must be less than 40% of total proceeds).
  • Hutt St Centre can provide official receipts for approved events. Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to people donation $2 or more. Tax-Deductible Receipt Request form must be returned to Hutt St Centre within four weeks of the fundraiser/event’s conclusion. They are legal and auditable documents, and are the responsibility of the Event Coordinator. Our compliance with legal issues, such as those surrounding receipts, ensures our continued permission to fundraise, so we thank you for helping us in this way. It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to familiarise themselves with the following:
    - When a receipt cna be issued and to whom i.e. ticket purchases, entry to a raffle, donatins of goods or services and auction purchases are not tax-deductible. 
    - The legal implications of issuing receipts. 
    - The necessity of returning official receipts (used and unused) to Hutt St Centre. 
    - Reconciliation of funds. 

If you have any queries about your application, please contact Hutt St Centre’s Fundraising team via

Thank you for supporting Hutt St Centre. Your important contribution will help us continue walking alongside people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in South Australia.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. ‘The Fundraiser’ is defined as the individual, group or organisation who are fundraising on behalf of Hutt St Centre. The applicant must be solely accountable for organising and managing the fundraising activity or event and ensure it is carried out in a responsible and appropriate manner.

 A ‘Third Party Fundraiser’ is an event or activity organised by a Fundraiser with the purpose of collecting donations for Hutt St Centre.

 A ‘Receipt Log’ is a record of all of fundraiser’s donors who would like a tax-deductible receipt issued to them (if the monetary gift is over $2). Donations of goods and services can be acknowledged, but not with a tax-deductible receipt.

  1. The organiser must hold an approval to fundraise issued by Hutt St Centre as required by The Australian Government under the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act (1939). The organiser is not permitted to fundraise on behalf of Hutt St Centre before they have received this approval. The organiser will be notified by Hutt St Centre when their fundraising activity or event has been approved/registered. Please visit the below link to ensure your fundraising activity or event complies with the relevant legislations and regulations surrounding fundraising in your state:

  1. All fundraising activities are to be conducted in the name of the Fundraiser and are the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

  2. Hutt St Centre is not able to assist in the coordination of any fundraising activities or events. Hutt St Centre is unable to develop and distribute promotional material, or provide any goods or services to assist in the running of your fundraising activity or event.

  3. Hutt St Centre must be referred to by its official brand name, 'Hutt St Centre', without a preceding 'the' and by using the abbreviated form of Street. 

  4. Fundraisers must clarify that they are raising funds on behalf of Hutt St Centre, rather than naming Hutt St Centre as the organisation running the activity or event. 

  5. The fundraiser is not permitted to approach members of the general public with door to door, street or telephone collections as part of their fundraisign activity or event. 

  6. Hutt St Centre reserves the right to withdraw approval on a third party community fundraising activity or event at any time if terms and conditions have been breached, and/or the organiser is at risk of damaging the reputation of Hutt St Centre. 

  7. Loan of Hutt St Centre's promotional material are approved on a case by case basis. Any promotional material borrowed from Hutt St Centre, must be collected by the organiser and returned within 7 days from the conclusion of the fundraising activity or event. Items to be collected from 261/263 Halifax Street, Adelaide. between our office hours Monday to Friday 9am-4:30pm. 

  8. Fundraisers are required to send all proceeds raised to Hutt St Centre within 14 days from the conclusion of the fundraising activity or event.