Hutt St Centre

At Hutt St Centre, we walk alongside people at risk of or experiencing homelessness on their journey to 'homefulness'. We describe homefulness as 'having a place to live with a sense of security, stability, privacy, safety and the ability to control living space. Homefulness empowers a sense of independence and self-determination.' 

When people walk through our doors, we wrap our services around them and address their immediate needs like a hot meal, a warm shower, dry clothes, a place to charge their phone, or a health check with our onsite nurse. 

Once those urgent needs are met, we can focus on what the person needs to change their circumstances ofr good. This could include helping them obtain personal identification, access financial counselling, pro bono legal advice, or support to apply for housing and employment. 

By offering more than 20 visiting health and wellbeing services, Hutt St Centre is one of the few providers of comprehensive primary care for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in South Australia. These services are only possible thanks to the generous support of generous people like you - thank you!