Before you get started: 

How do I get involved?

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Getting started is only a click away. 

Decide on a unique fundraising idea or take a look at our list of fundraising ideas. You will create an online fundraising page to share with your friends and family to collect your donations. 

All funds raised will go to Hutt St Centre, helping people at risk of or experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives. 

How does my fundraising make a difference?

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Funds raised will go directly towards Hutt St Centre to provide essential health and wellbeing services for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. For more information about Hutt St Centre, click here

Why do I need to register?

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Once registered, you'll receive access to a free online fundraising page - this creates an easy way to share your fundraising efforts with friends and family and have all your donations collected in one place.

Registering online also ensures all funds come directly to Hutt St Centre and are receipted instantly, giving your donors confidence and peace of mind. 

What support will I receive from Hutt St Centre?

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Our Fundraising Team will be there to support you every step of the way with your fundraising. We are available to provide support and guidance, from discussing your fundraising ideas right through to the completion of your event. 

Contact us via events@huttstcentre.org.au  

Once you've registered your fundraiser: 

What is my fundraising dashboard?

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Your online fundraising dashboard is a unique page associated with your registration. You can use your dashboard to edit your fundraising page whenever and however you like by clicking 'Edit My Page'. By editing your page, you can personalise it with your story and photos to let your supporters know why supporting Hutt St Centre is important to you. 

Can I use the Hutt St Centre logo for promotional material? 

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Before using Hutt St Centre logo on any of your promotional material (including online and print), you'll need approval from Hutt St Centre. Approval is given on a case by case basis. 

Please e-mail events@huttstcentre.org.au with your proposed promotional material. When using the Hutt St Centre logo, it must clearly be stated that your community fundraising is raising funds on behalf of Hutt St Centre, rather than implying a partnership. Example of appropriate wording include: 

'Proudly supporting the work of Hutt St Centre' and 'Raising funds for Hutt St Centre'. 

Can someone from Hutt St Centre attend my event?

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While we try to accomodate for speaking requests where possible, it is often not possible due to the amount of requests we receive. 

Get in touch via  events@huttstcentre.org.au to discuss your event and guest speaking requests. 

Do I need insurance, or am I covered by Hutt St Centre?

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For large public events, you may require Public Liability Insurance. This can be gained through a private insurer and the cost will depend on the size of your event. The event organiser must bear this cost, but it's important to note that Hutt St Centre's insurance cannot cover third party fundraising events. It is important to gain any necessary permits for the type of event you are hosting. Some activities require permits e.g. Raffles and auctions where the total prize pool is over a certain amount. 

For events held in public places, permits may be required. It is best to check with your local council. If you have any queries or require assistnace, please contact Hutt St Centre via events@huttstcentre.org.au  

What is the difference between a donation and a purchase?

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It is important to identify the difference between a donation and a purchase, as donations over $2 are considered tax-deductible. In order to be classified as a donation, the donor receives nothing in return for their donation. 

A purchase is not tax-deductible, we will issue a proof of purchase receipt, however a tax-deductible receipt cannot be issued in this instance. A purchase involves the exchange of a service or a product for money, such as an event ticket or a silent auction item. 

Having trouble logging in?

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If you've forgotten your password, please click on 'Forgot Password', where instructions for resetting will be sent to your nominated e-mail address.

Please contact our team with regards to other log-in queries via events@huttstcentre.org.au 

After your fundraiser: 

How do I bank my funds?

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The funds can be donated directly to your individual page and will appear on your page straight away. 

The money raised can be transferred via a bank transfer: 

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation 

Account Name: Hutt St Centre 

BSB: 035-010 

Account No: 490859

Ref: [Your name]

Please also e-mail us via events@huttstcentre.org.au with the details of your fundraiser to let us know you have made this transfer. We want to make sure we can trace your donation back to you! 

Please allow seven (7) days for funds to appear on your fundraising page and reach out to our Fundraising team if they haven't appeared in seven days. 

Are donations collected tax-deductible? 

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Any donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Online donations made via Hutt St Centre website will be automatically receipted. Any monies received in exchange for goods e.g. event tickets or auction sales are not classified as a 'donation' and are not tax-deductible.  

How long will my online fundraising page remain active?

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We will usually get in touch once there has been no activity on your fundraising page for a couple of weeks or you notify us that the funds raised are final.

If donations come in following the fundraising page being closed off, please don't worry - we will be able to re-open your page or allocate the funds to your fundraising. 

Helpful Info and Guidelines: 


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Hutt St Centre advises that there are to be no door-to-door appeals, street collections or telephone solicitation of any kind associated with your fundraising efforts. 

All of these activities are closely governed by local and state governments, requiring permits that Hutt St Centre is unable to provide. 

Prizes and sponsorship:  

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Unfortunately, Hutt St Centre is unable to source or provide prizes to use at community fundraising events or activities. 

Hutt St Centre has a number of sponsorship arrangements with many organisations across South Australia and is often speaking with new organisations regarding their potential support. Therefore, please check with Hutt St Centre's Fundraising Team on events@huttstcentre.org.au prior to approaching any businesses for sponsorship of your event. 

Permits and Public Liability: 

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It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to ensure your fundraiser activity or event meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Community fundraisers are not covered by Hutt St Centre's public liability insurance. 

As a community fundraiser, you are responsible for sourcing permits, licences or relevant authorisations from local councils or shopping centres that may be required. 

Finances and Banking: 

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It is your responsibility as a community fundraiser to keep a clear record and proof of all financial aspects associated with your fundraiser. The net income of your event should be at least 60% - for example, for every $100 raised, you should not exceed more than $40 in expenses. 

We ask that funds, along with details of income are submitted to Hutt St Centre within 14 days of event completion. Supporters donating to your online fundraising page will receive an automated tax-deductible receipt. Supports making offline donations requiring a tax-deductible receipt, may submit their details to you via our Tax-Deductible Receipt Request Form and Hutt St Centre will issue a receipt directly. Please make sure all writing is clear and accurate.