Welcome someone like Sam in
from the cold with a Winter
Warmer Pack

“Imagine being soaked to the bone and starving hungry… with no hope of relief. That’s what it’s like to be homeless in winter.”

Sam learned how hard homelessness in winter can be when he ran away from his violent father aged just 14-years-old.

“It’s a cruel, nasty feeling being homeless in winter. The ice-cold wind gets into your bones, and you can’t ever get warm. You can’t even breathe.”

Please donate now, and give someone like Sam the gift of warmth with a Winter Warmer Pack – including warm meals, hot showers, warm clothes and support to leave our winter streets behind for good.
Sam believes he would not be here today were it not for the warm welcome he received at Hutt St Centre.

He was offered his first warm lunch in days, a hot shower to ease his aching body, and the chance to wash his clothes in our laundry.

The RDNS nurse helped Sam with his medical needs, and over the following weeks, a Case Manager helped Sam secure his first permanent rental home.

Today, Sam has a house of his own, and a beloved partner and child to share it with. He is convinced he’d have none of these things without people like you, whose generosity made it possible for Hutt St Centre to offer the warm welcome that changed his life.

With demand for help set to reach unprecedented levels this winter, your gift of a Winter Warmer Pack will help ensure a warm welcome for everyone who turns to us for help over the cold months ahead.