Mr. Allen's ... Team 5

By Stewart Allen

My class is fundraising to become a Hutt St hero!

During Health lessons and discovering food available at The Adelaide Central Market my students began discussing options to donate fruit or vegetables to Hutt St Shelter. However, we made the decision to donate needed funds to help others. They discussed what it would be like to go without everyday things we are all used to. 

So my class... Team 5 will be raising funds for the 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia. All funds go to Hutt St Centre who have been supporting people for more than 65 years by providing a hearty meal, a hot shower, all in a safe, welcoming space.


We would be so grateful for your support!

Together we can help end homelessness.

My Updates

Team 5’s Enthusiasm goes next level…

Saturday 18th Sep
Thanks so much again to all those we know, the anonymous and the people we don’t even know who you are. Your small donations are certainly adding up to make significant changes to the lives of the homeless here in Adelaide. 
Your support and donations have given my class the opportunity to further extend in their “greatness” to the point of going to the next level. 
During our gratitude circle, a student shared his awakening and his internal desire to help others less fortunate than himself. 
This has to be one of my most proudest teaching moments… it’s not in the curriculum as such however, it’s a real life, current local/global issue. My only wish is this particular student goes on and makes his desire a reality in his working life. 

WOW TEAM 5... Can you believe the response we've had?

Monday 6th Sep
Upon leaving school at 3:10pm Friday we had collected $77.
The response over this weekend from Team 5 students: giving up pocket money, doing chores, friends and family donations and grandparents chipping in too is truly amazing. 
Goal 3 kicked off the park too.
I am so proud to be your teacher, your empathy and sincerity is beyond measurable. 

Today's Class Discussion

Friday 3rd Sep
Our class was a buzz with excitement seeing the donations appearing overnight and counting the coins from yesterday. 
Our PE teacher upon hearing about our mission made a personal appearance to make a donation and impart Canadian words of wisdom upon us!
We kicked our first goal out of the park then quickly our second goal. Team 5 are excited to reach $250.
Who knows could it be a $1000 before the end of the year?

Adelaide Central Market Excursion

Thursday 2nd Sep
2/9/2021: Team 5 visited the Adelaide Central Market today they had money left over after purchasing food today. They donated their change to our collection bag.
Today we raised $35

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cash Donations


Shelley Byrne

So proud of you guys! Well done Team 5!


Lindsay Saul


Rebecca Waters


Roxanne Davey

Go team!


Isabella Hansen


Team 5 Spare Change From Markets


Erin O’connor




Michelle Stevens

Saw Lauren Jones post re what Rohan's teacher had organised to help raise money to help others. Need more teachers like Mr Allen teachers and showing children that every little bit can make a difference. cheers Michelle Stevens


Tika’s “nannypanny” ?

Great job!! Wonderful idea!


Duiker Family

Fantastic effort Yr 5’s! You are amazing 🤩


Sandy Hands

Bodie grandparents


Mrs Fuller (librarian)

Well done class. A fantastic worthwhile cause!


Aubrey Family

Helping a new generation appreciate the need to care for others, the best of education.........


Saul Family


Lauren And Russell Jones

Your kind hearts will change the world, Team 5. We're so proud of each one of you.


Carli Roberts


Bodie Hedley

I am doing extra jobs to help people in need 😃😃😃😃


Laura Brown (japanese Teacher)

Ganbatte! (Good Luck) Team 5. What a great idea. Well done for thinking of others. :)


Mr. Allen And Malea


Charli Mills


Michelle Hawksworth (mykenzie)



A fantastic charity to donate to, especially as they have lost their government funding.


Lila Virgo

Hi Mr Allen, Me and my Mum think this donation page is very thoughtful and a good way to help people.


Rhiannon Slade

Brilliant work Year 5! Love to see students thinking outside of their own world and considering others. Good luck xx


Lauren And Andrew Dawson

Great to see you all thinking about the wider community. :)


Rhys Norton

This is from my pocket money and extra chores I am doing today.


Tina And Abhi Dharwarker


Diane Harding

Well done Rhys Norton and his class for thinking of people that need a little help, from nanny and grandad in England


Helen Hayes

Helen (former neighbour & retired teacher) would be very proud of you Rohan and all of team 5.


Evan Coles

Thank you for your amazing work in helping Adelaide’s homeless


Rohan And Leo Jones

This is some of our pocket money put together to donate.


Latika’s Mums Workmate. Andrea

Good Luck team 5


Virgo Family


Cheryl M

Always happy to donate to Hurt St Centre.


Kylie Harrison

Go Team 5, great cause


Zoe Terrace

Great job team 5! Such a great cause!


Mrs Riley

Great work to Mr Allen's team raising money for such a great cause!


Malea's Tea Money


Bella Hansen

Hi team 5! I really hope we can get to $1000! I hope this donation helps, we’re so close 😁


Mr J Burnside (pe Teacher)


Kate Sellar


Juan Lopez